GlobalSight Web Services API: Job Creation

This is the third in my series of posts on the GlobalSight Web Services API. See below for the previous posts: Interacting with the GlobalSight Web Services API from C# GlobalSight Web Services API: Automate Translation Memory Upload In this post, I’m going to cover how to actually create jobs in the GlobalSight system via […]

Interacting with the GlobalSight Web Services API from C#

GlobalSight is an open source Globalization Management System (GMS). It’s main purpose is to automate the flow of content to translators, and essentially streamline many of the tasks involved in the translation workflow, scoping, project management, translation, review etc. as well as centralizing translation memories. Similar GMS systems would be SDL WorldServer (formally Idiom WorldServer before […]

Basic Software i18n Check List

Part of something my team is currently working on involves defining a standard approach to assessing the world-readiness of a piece of software, be it a brand new product or a legacy product that has existed for a long time. If your codebase is not correctly internationalized, you will face many problems if you ever […]

C# – Using Bing’s Translation Web Service

Microsoft’s Bing Translator provides a translation web service which can be called via C#. In this post I’ll outline the steps to use this web service, and create a simple application to perform translations. First, you’ll need to create a valid application ID for your application. This is required in order to be able to […]

Localization of C# Applications – Short Introduction

If you plan on releasing your C# application in non-English speaking markets, you will obviously want the UI to display localized strings. When developing applications using .NET, it’s relatively simple to achieve this. In this post, I’ll outline the steps involved in localizing a simple C# application. .NET applications store string resources in .resx files. […]