Knockadoon Weather Bot

@KnockadoonW is a Twitter bot I developed one lockdown afternoon in late 2020. It is written in Python and uses the Met Éireann Weather Forecast API to provide the data. I use the Twython library for posting to Twitter. The bot runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS) in an AWS Lambda function, trigged by AWS EventBridge.

Knockadoon Weather Bot v1.0

  • Temperature, Wind Speed, Wind Direction and Atmospheric Pressure posted every 4 hours.
  • Rainfall (current, minimum, and maximum) posted every 4 hours.

Knockadoon Weather Bot v1.0.1

  • Improved display of information in tweet and consolidated information into one tweet that will now trigger every 2 hours.


  • Forward looking forecasts.
  • Met Éireann Weather Alerts Integration
  • Historical (Monthly) Temperature Metrics
  • Historical (Monthly) Rainfall Metrics