About Me

I’m Jimmy Collins. I live in Cork, Ireland. If you’re wondering where the tagline on my Blog comes from, here is a clue.


I have worked in Software Engineering since 2006. Currently, I work as a Software Engineering Manager for a cloud services team at McAfee. Previously, I led the team responsible for the engineering of all localized McAfee products and supporting websites.

My interests vary, but right now I’m very interested in cloud computing and machine learning.


I previously designed and taught the module ‘Software Localisation’ at Cork Institute of Technology. The module introduced the basic concepts of Software Internationalization and Localization to undergraduate software engineering students.


I got interested in technology and software development in particular when my brother got an Amstrad 6128 for Christmas in the early 90s. It shipped with a BASIC interpreter, which I used more than playing any of the games. I still have this machine. Check out a cool Amstrad CPC emulator here.

When I’m not playing about with some code, you’ll find me reading (particularly German history), listening to music, or attempting to become the next Jimmy Page on my guitar (I live in hope).

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