Books I Want To Read in 2014

My current reading list for 2014: The Little Black Book for Managers: How to Maximize Your Key Management Moments of Power by John Cross, Rafael Gomez, & Kevin Money. Pitcairn Island, the Bounty Mutineers and Their Descendants: A History by Robert W. Kirk. Heavier Than Heaven: A Biography of Kurt Cobain by Charles R. Cross. […]

What to learn next?

I’ve been a bit all over the place recently in terms of what to learn next. The main languages I’m proficient in at the moment are C#, and web programming languages like PHP. (Aside: If I hear one more person refer to HTML as a programming language I may get angry). The thing about the […]

8 Secrets to Success in 3 minutes

A great TED talk outlining the 8 secrets to success condensed into 3 minutes! I especially like the “you’ve got to perist through CRAP” point, with CRAP being: Criticism Rejection Assholes Pressure

The ‘C’ books are out again…

Three times in the last two years I’ve attempted to become good at programming in the C/C++ programming languages, and three times I’ve either stopped half way through a book/online course, or failed to even start with any momentum. But, I’ve dug out the books again and am determined to succeed this time. Having come […]